Warning list criteria

The Visma invoice sender warning list contains a user generated/crowdsourced list of companies suspected by users of the invoice service, or by a business partner of the sender, to be engaged in suspicious or fraudulent activities.

The companies have been listed based on one or several of the following criteria. The overall selection to enter a company to the list is done on a case by case automated and manual evaluation.

If you suspect a company is listed by mistake , please contact Visma through regular Visma support channels, or contact support@maventa.com.

  1. Product/service doesn’t exist The company is selling product/service that likely doesn’t exist
  2. Offers as invoices The company sends offers and/or quotes as invoices, or that can be mistaken for being an invoice.
  3. Invoices without a previous contact to customers The company sends invoices to companies they have not previously been in contact with. The company refers to previous agreements that in reality do not exist.
  4. Invoices not compliant with laws and regulations The company is issuing invoices that are missing mandatory information or are otherwise suspected to not follow relevant laws and regulations.
  5. Misleading name The company is using a misleading name that can easily be confused with an existing, legitimate company in the same industry
  6. Complaints about business activities There have been significant amount of complaints about company’s business activities.
  7. No contact information / possibility to reach the company The company is missing any contact information or it is impossible to reach them on the contact information provided. The company documentation lacks important information such as organization number, legal entity or channel to be in contact with the company.
  8. Misleading marketing/sales to customers The company has a misleading offering or is marketing to customers in a way that is suspected to be misleading. The company does not state the total price of the product or service in the offer.
  9. Company suspected of illegal business practices The company´s business is suspected of being in violation with laws and regulations and/or are not following good business practices. The company is missing required registrations in the national company and tax registers. The company does not have a board. The company is in violation with the EU’s 5th Anti‑Money Laundering Directive or other regulations considering anti-money laundering or counter terrorist financing.
  10. Known from earlier fraud attempts The company has attempted fraud before, or is connected to companies known for fraud attempts. The company is using falsified signatures. The company is using information such as bank accounts or addresses that are previously known for suspicious/ fraud contexts. The company board members or directors are connected to other companies previously known for suspicious/ fraud contexts.
  11. Known from earlier suspicious activities or connection to companies or individuals known from suspicious activities The company has been on the media or is otherwise known for suspicious behaviour and activities. The company has connections to companies or individuals that have been on the media or are otherwise known for suspicious behaviour and activities.