Company account management

How to open company accounts

You can use either API or user interface to open and manage a company account. However, the user interface requires manual work so if the integration will have multiple companies or a complex set-up, API is recommended.

1. Account creation

To create a new company, register a company account using API method

  • register_with_password
    The method registers a new company account with default settings and adds/creates a user based on the email in the user_email parameter
    • if user with email doesn’t exist, a new user is generated based on email and added to the company
    • if user with email exists, this existing user is added to company

Note! In situations where a new user is created, method returns unique company_uuid and user_api_key. If method is called with an existing user, only company_uuid is returned.

2. Account configuration

When company account has been created, it can be configured by updating company settings, adding new users and activating services. Some services for receiving can only be activated after the verification step.

API methods:

You can update the receivig setting (enable/disable) also using company_invoice_receiving. Note,that invoice receiving needs to be enabled in order to register company account to Peppol network or to use additional services such as Scanning.

3. Account verification

To prevent possible misuse of the service, company account needs to be verified before it can be used for sending and receiving. The requirements to use the account are that customer company has been strongly authenticated and has signed Terms of Service

The account verification takes place with Visma Sign electronic signature service. A person who has rights to represent company related to electronic invoicing authenticates strongly with bank credentials or mobileID and signs a document where they confirm that account can be taken into use for the company.

If the customer has already signed the Terms of Service and has been strongly authenticated on the integrator side, it is possible to agree with AutoInvoice about verification without the Visma Sign step.

API methods

  • authorize_companies
    Method to verify company accounts
    • Call to initiate account verification process, AutoInvoice sends a request to authenticate through Visma Sign to an email address is given as parameter in the api call.
    • Account is verified and can be taken into use after customer has completed signing.
  • company_auth_status
    Method to see the company authorisation status
    • In order to start sending and receiving invoices the company status needs to be verified (1).


  • The signee should be person who has rights to represent company in matters conserning electronic invoicing/ordering
  • Before account is verified it is possible to configure account settings, but company cannot send or download invoices or register to Peppol as invoice or other document receiver
  • In production, company authorisation status is updated from Visma Sign every 15 minutes. In testing, there are no automatic updates but you need to call company_auth_status to get the status updated.
  • For Finnish companies, completing the signing creates also automatically the request to open bank network.

Process for company account activation over API Company account activation

Company accounts over UI

New companies with a new user can be created for:

If you need ro create a new company for an existing user, log-in to AutoInvoice UI first.

Before account can be used it needs to be verified using strong authentication and electronic signing. When the user logs in to the account for the first time, user needs to go through a set-up wizard where they add information of the company and configure some of the basic settings. The last step of the wizard is the company verification process with Visma Sign service.

Different settings can be configured further in the web UI after user has logged in. Dedicated sections help to find the wanted settings and tell more information what the settings are about.

Partner accounts

In AutoInvoice there are two type of accounts; Company accounts and Partner accounts. Company account is the default account type. Partner accounts are used by the integrating partners (ERPs and such with multiple customers).

The key difference between a Partner and a regular Company account is that Partner accounts have an own identifier, vendor_api_key, that is used to link actions to the partner company. The vendor api key is used for billing and reporting purposes. One Partner company can own many vendor_api_keys, for example one for each country they have customers in.

Integrators don’t need to worry about controlling the account types, all accounts registered to AutoInvoice are first created as Company account and changed to account type Partner if and when needed by AutoInvoice.